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development strategy
development strategy

The company is a R & D and pilot service company established by Fujian subtropical horticultural plant research center in the reform of scientific research system on the basis of the National 863 project proposed by the Ministry of science and technology, France international cooperation research center and Southwest Agricultural University of China in the implementation of the Sino French international cooperation project. The service companies include many Municipal companies and large enterprises: Baojian (China), shenbaohuacheng technology, Xianhuo (Kunshan), pianzehuang, Taiwan uni President Group, aizhiwei, Damin, Zishan group, Lixing group, nopsin, Beijing Hengsheng pharmaceutical, etc., led the development of a national standard, with 2 invention patents, 2 projects undertaken by the Ministry of science and technology, 2 provincial projects, 2 Municipal Science and technology projects. In 2017-2018, due to the government's construction and demolition, the business was affected to some extent. At the end of 2017, researcher Wang Shaofeng took over (100% holding) and integrated the relevant resources of the restructured Fujian subtropical horticultural plant research center into the company to further increase the R & D, industry university research cooperation and industrial services.

The company's development strategy is to make use of Wang Shaofeng (Director / researcher), chairman / general manager of the company, long-term rich experience, relations and resources of domestic and foreign cooperative R & D, and related scientific, industrial and trade institutions and scientific, industrial and trade cooperation experience, relations and resources, including French international agricultural cooperation research center and French Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Wageningen University of the Netherlands, Australian Academy of Sciences, Australia University of New South Wales, Australian branch of national technology transfer center (director), Asian agricultural and food development center of Australia (director of China), CIIC science and technology evaluation and Research Center, China Science and technology evaluation (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (Deputy General Manager), China Science and technology industry and trade cooperation center of garden products and Cross Strait (Zhangzhou) agricultural cooperation center (director general), etc The application of modern food processing raw materials preservation, extraction, separation and purification, concentration, dehydration, formula, preparation and other system technologies to provide natural functional component product research and development, pilot test and other services for food, health products, pharmaceutical enterprises and other industries. After the pilot test is successful, further industrial production is carried out through integrated resources, so that the company gradually develops from research and development, pilot test, industrial production , the service-oriented enterprise of the integrated solution of science, industry and trade, the industrial technology center of China's natural functional components and the service center of the integrated solution of science, industry and trade. Provide R & D, pilot test and overall solution services for food, health products and natural medicine industries to promote the development of large health industry

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